We have our very own loyalty scheme that you can use in store and online to earn points with every purchase to spend on rewards and it’s incredibly easy to sign up!

Signing up will create your very own digital loyalty card that sits in your smart phone wallet, simply follow the instructions below for either your Android or iOS Phone.

Every purchase will add points to your loyalty card that can be redeemed against a range of offers and you can check all the active rewards at any time on your digital loyalty Card.

For iPhone users:
1. Open camera
2. Hold the device’s camera up to the QR code below.
3. The device will automatically recognize the QR code and provide you with an on-screen notification.
4. Tap the notification to be taken to your Beaum Vape Loyalty sign up.
5. Enter your details and click join Beaum Vape.
6. Your personal loyalty card should be created. IMPORTANT Click the “+” sign in the top right hand corner. This will save your loyalty card to your smart wallet where you can access it to view offers at any time.

For Android users:
1. Download the Wallet Passes app from the Play Store.
2. Open Wallet Passes and click the “+” sign in the top right hand corner to add a new pass.
3. Hold the device’s camera up to the QR code below.
4. The device will automatically recognize the QR code and take you to the loyalty sign up page.
5. Enter your details and click join Beaum Vape.
6. Your personal loyalty card should be created. This will save your loyalty card to Wallet Passes where you can access it to view offers at any time.

If for any reason the QR will not scan, you can also click this link whilst using your phone to access the sign up page Click here to sign up!

Once you have your loyalty card set up and saved, you can earn points in any of our stores and through the website. When purchasing in store, please open and scan your QR code on our scanners prior to purchase. Once payment is made, the points will update automatically.

To take advantage of the loyalty scheme online, please ensure you sign up for an account on the website with the same email address as you have used to register for the loyalty card. This will automatically link the accounts. Providing you are logged into your website account, after placing your order online, the points will be updated once we have shipped the order and you have received the shipping confirmation email.

When you have earned enough points, check out the available offers by clicking “check for new offers” on the reverse side of the loyalty card on your phone. This can be found by clicking the “three dots” or the “i” when on the card. Please note this link will only open if you have opened your loyalty card through your smart wallet, for security reasons, the link will not open if you have accessed the card straight from your phones lock screen.

To redeem your chosen offer, simply click the cart symbol next to your preferred available offer. This will cash in your points and change your QR to the specific offer. To redeem in store, simply scan the QR at the till and the staff will include the offer in your purchase. If using the website, as soon as the offer is redeemed on the card, the offer will appear with the option to redeem it when you sign in to your website account. Simply click redeem and the offer will be included in you cart.

If you have lost the loyalty card from your phone, or change phones at any time, please get in touch and we will send you a QR to reinstall your existing card. Please include the email address used for the card when you get in contact so we can find your details. We can also do this anytime in store if you pop in with you new phone we can quickly reinstall it for you.

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and continued support, if you have any further questions or queries, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]