What’s BEAUM?

BEAUM: Adjective, [bü:m] – “Something that is Beautifully Made”

Beaum is a word we created from the amalgamation of the words “beautiful” and “made” and is the simple ethos that the Beautifully Made Vape Company was founded on.

Created by brothers and their close friends, Beaum Vape is an independent vape store located in the heart of Cardiff created by vapers for vapers. From the start we have set out with simple intentions, to provide a personal customer service and supply the best beautifully made vaping products in a personal setting and offer the information and knowledge to our customers in a quickly advancing market.

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Our Store

Constructed on a shoe-string budget by the team and our friends we transformed an old empty run down barber shop to our own specially designed vape bar. The store is constructed using mainly recycled and upcycled materials including scaffold boards, old pallets, plastic bottles, old pub furniture and even our display wall used waste plastic sheeting from a local film set. The vision was to create a comfortable Amsterdam style coffee shop atmosphere where customers are able to relax and seek advice, sample our range of products or just call in for a chat with the team to catch up on the latest products and info.

Feel free to have a wander through the store as it was when we first opened and have a laugh at our handy work on our google 3D tour.

For more info about calling in to see us visit the CONTACT US LINK to find directions to store and opening hours.

Being Independent – the Ups and Downs

Being totally independent means that we are not tied to any set distributor or manufacturer and are not contracted to push any particular products. This gives us the free reign to pick and choose the products from the marketplace that we feel offer the best performance and value for money and therefore worthy of making it in to store. As a result, we will give our honest opinions across our product ranges but don’t be surprised to see things come and go as we continually search for new products on the market.

Being independent is not without its downfalls, by not having a fixed supply chain or the buying power of some of the big boys we may not always be able to provide the lowest prices but we will always do our utmost to compete where we can. Stock may be low from time to time as we are only a small store but we have always put quality over quantity and will continue to do so going forward.

As a result, we are wholly reliant on our customer service to create a loyal customer base that so far has been extremely flattering. We are always here to help so feel free to get in touch with any queries or questions you may have.

About us Liquid-2

Juice Line & Hardware

You may notice from our juice line that we do not stock full ranges from our many different brands. From the day we opened it has been our mission to constantly update and improve our juice collection. No juice makes it to the shop floor unless sampled by, often passionately argued over and eventually voted in by the team.

With the team’s extremely varied palettes and differing vaping styles we do our utmost to  find the highest quality and value for money products on the market that cater for all levels, from first time users to the advanced vaper. This means we do not stock any juice or hardware that we would not be pleased to hold in our own personal collection. If it’s liked by us, it’s in store, if our customers approve then it’s on the website and hopefully you will agree!