Aspire Gusto Mini Kit


Replaceable pod device designed specifically for use with easy to replace pre-filled Element NS20 pods – delivering a quick, strong nicotine hit with almost no throat hit.

Mouth To Lung
18650 Battery
Built-In Battery
Tank Capacity 2.0
Pod Capacity


Aspire Gusto Mini Kit

The Aspire Gusto Mini Kit is a compact pod system device which is capable of being used with the Element NS20 pods. Its’ all in one compact design makes it simple to use and it can be used for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping styles.

Designed in collaboration with Element E-Liquid, the Aspire Gusto Mini Pod is a revolutionary all-in-one (AIO) closed system setup that uses easy to replace pre-filled pods without the need to refill or have bottles of juice.

Sleek and compact, it’s design specifically for pod use and can work as a “mouth to lung” or “direct to lung” device. A replaceable pod mod with functional simplicity in mind, the Gusto Mini sports a 2ml pod that’s a breeze to install, simply slide the mod casing off, click out the old pod and click in the new one. Each pod has an inbuilt 1.5ohm atomizer and a fixed output of 17W. For full instructions please see sections below.

The Gusto Mini Pods (sold separately) are pre-filled with Element’s new NS20 nic salt e-liquid. Nic Salts are a revolutionary new way of delivering nicotine in an e-liquid that is much more similar to the nicotine delivery of traditional cigarettes. The use of 20mg nic salts achieves maximum nicotine delivery with minimal throat hit to provide a smooth, flavourful vape whilst delivering the highest allowable nicotine content in the EU following the TPD. The main benefit of using smooth 20mg Nic Salts is being able to receive a higher dose of nicotine with less use of the device and lower juice consumption than more traditional e-cigarettes.

If you are looking for that quick nic hit with minimal fuss, the Gusto and Element’s NS20 pods are an ideal option.

Full Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22mm X 47.5mm X 60mm
  • Output Wattage: 17 Watt
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.5ohm
  • 900mah LiPo Battery
  • Continuous Fire Time: 10 seconds with Auto Shut Off
  • Micro-USB Charging Port
  • 10 Second Auto Cut-Off
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Over Heat Protection

In the Box

The Aspire Gusto Mini Kit comes boxed with the mod, 2 delrin drip tips, USB charging cable and a user manual.

Instructions for Use

  • Press the fire button 5 times rapidly to power the Gusto Mini On or Off, the indicator light will then flash both green and red 3 times to indicate on or off.
  • Continuous fire time is 10 seconds; after 10 seconds indicator light will flash green or red 10 times to Indicate Shut Off. Notice the LED colour; it also indicates current Charge Level. (Green = Charged / Red = Battery Low)
  • When the charge level is above 3.5V the indicator light will be green, if charge level drops below 3.5V, the light will be red.
  • When Red light flashes during use, it’s time to recharge.

Installing POD to Device

  • To access the POD chamber, slide the cover off of the device.
  • Gently slide the POD into the capture points, making sure the atomizer is on the bottom. Push in until the POD is securely in place. Slide the aluminium cover back on and the Gusto Mini is ready to use.
  • After installation, and the device is ready to use, fire the device with a few quick puffs to make sure the atomizer has been saturated with liquid. Once you get a taste of the liquid vapour, continue to use as normal, enjoying the full flavour of the Gusto Mini—Enjoy!

Charging Gusto Mini

  • Charging is via Micro-USB charging port. Maximum charging current can reach up to 900mA.
  • Connect the Gusto Mini to your charger (USB cable included), the indicator light will flash green and red 3 times, then turn red to indicate charging. When the charge reaches 4.2V the light will turn green to show it’s fully charged.

Liquid POD Activation and Installation

  • To Activate POD, grab the two silicone tabs and gently pull down away from the POD until the the two tabs snap off-the tank is now activated.
  • Take the POD and flick once or twice in a downward motion to speed up the the saturation to the atomizer. Once the bottom chamber is filled with liquid, let set for 2 minutes before use.



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