Angkultur Mod Co – Ragnarok Squonk BEAUM Spec


Upgraded BEAUM Spec Ragnarok mech squonk mod with solid silver contacts and a stainless steel firing button.

Mech Mod
Mech Mod
18650 Battery
18650 Battery
UK Made
UK Made

Product Description

Angkultur Mod Co – Ragnarok Squonk BEAUM Spec

Angkultur Mod Co – Ragnarok Squonk BEAUM Spec – Following the awesome success of Angkultur’s Ragnarok Squonk Mod and to celebrate the special relationship between Angkultur and BEAUM VAPE, we have teamed up with James and are immensely proud to announce the release of the limited edition BEAUM Spec Ragnarok with the inclusion of some nifty upgrades.

Whilst it may look the same at first glance, the BEAUM Spec Ragnarok mod has an upgraded Stainless Steel firing button, Solid Silver contacts and now utilises the tried and tested MM510 connector with the 24mm washer. We have also included a matching black laser syntered 24-22mm Atty ring for use with any 22m RDA and an additional black BEAUM Super Soft Silicone Squonk bottle to complete the set up just the way we love it here at BEAUM.

The Ragnarok is laser sintered (3D printed) using polyamide which is extremely durable and smooth to touch that even improves with use. The 5mm thick body provides incredible strength which is further enhanced by the fact it is printed with no joints or weak points. The sleek ergonomic curved design sits comfortably in hand and the 12mm Stainless Steel firing button is positioned perfectly.

The upgraded 16mm x 0.5mm 99% Fine solid silver contact included in the BEAUM Spec provides improved conductivity and the same bend design creates a firm and satisfying smooth button action. The ingenious design of the bottle “cwtch” holds the bottle securely in position to provide a responsive squonk action with every press.  Not only that, the clever design is extremely effective in holding the upgraded silver contact securely whilst also allowing easy removal and replacement for cleaning.

The Ragnarok is compatible with a single removable 18650 battery (not included) and is designed for a Samsung 25R to be held securely between the contacts with no rattle. The accuracy of the 3D printing process and the design of the door recess ensures the 5ml thick door has a flawless fit and is held firmly in place by 3 x 5mm diameter high strength rare earth magnets. The BEAUM Spec Ragnarok is fully compatible with all of Angkultur’s customised Ragnarok doors and buttons that can be interchanged with ease should you wish.

And finally, you can have the BEAUM Spec Ragnarok in any colour you wish as long as it is black! Like the original, each mod has the Angkultur Mods branding along one side, with their logo printed on the door panel and discreetly inside the body of the mod.

Full Specs

  • Size 28mm x 48mm x 77mm
  • MM510 connector with 24mm washer 510 connector
  • Matching black 24-22mm Atty Ring Included
  • 8ml capacity super-soft bottle pre-installed
  • Additional Black BEAUM Super Soft Silicone Squonk Bottle Included
  • 16.0mm wide x 0.5mm 99% Fine solid silver contacts contacts
  • Special Edition Stainless Steel Firing Button
  • Extremely durable laser sintered polyamide construction
  • 5mm thick body & door
  • 3 x 5mm rare earth door magnets
  • Single 18650 Battery compatible (not included)
  • Multiple door/button finishes available and more available soon
  • Each mod includes the atty ring, stickers, a keyring,  safety info and authenticity card

In The Box

The Angkultur Mod Co – Ragnarok Squonk BEAUM Spec comes carefully packaged in a velvet draw string bag and is boxed with an additional Black BEAUM Super Soft Silicone Squonk Bottle,  an Angkultur Mod Co Keyring, 24-22mm Atty Ring, Stickers, Safety Info and Authenticity Card.


Rebuildable atomizers and unregulated devices are strictly to be used by experienced vapers ONLY that have sufficient knowledge and experience in safe coil building, Ohm’s Law and battery safety. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage or harm to the atomizer, vaping device, or yourself. Beaum Vape is not responsible for the safe use of this product and will not held responsible for any harm or damage caused as a result of using this product.


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