The faces that bring you BEAUM

Meet the hard-working team that is there for you with all your vaping needs!



“What’s ‘appening?! I’m Dave, and I created BEAUM! The idea I had for BEAUM at the start was to bring quality products and reliable customer service that you could trust, and hopefully, we’ve delivered on that target! My current favourite device is the Nautilus GT, can’t beat those Nautilus coils! I’ve tried so many different juices in my time, but my favourite has got to be BEAUM Custard through and through. My most enjoyable hobbies are golf and fishing, although I wouldn’t try to do both at the same time! I’m a proper foodie, so choosing a favourite meal is hard for me, but if it came down to it I’d have to say Chinese pork char siu and dim sum are contenders.”



“Hello! My name is Greg, I run most of the background work at BEAUM. I’ve been here from the start, about 5 years ago, and helped Dave in the early days of BEAUM. My favourite device has got to be the new Nautilus GT, I’m absolutely loving it! My favourite juice used to be Guango, but has now been taken over by our very own BEAUM Spiced Custard! My spare time mostly consists of looking after my chickens, which I love dearly. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite meal specifically, but I do love a delicious tapas!”



“Hi there! My name is Alex, I’m a store manager for BEAUM. I’ve been working here for 5 years, I’m one of the OGs! Currently, my favourite and the most used device is the Caliburn Koko by Uwell. The best juices I’ve ever had are Pink Colada by Dr. Vapes and BEAUM Custard 50/50. I’d have to say my personal favourite thing about me is my average of 4 goals per game for BEAUM FC 5 aside football. My favourite meal? Is it even a meal if it ain’t fried chicken?”



“Hello there! I’m Ash, I’ve been vaping for three years to stop smoking and I haven’t had a cigarette since! I’ve also been at BEAUM for three years but took a break to finish off my University Degree. My favourite device has got to be the DotAIO by Dotmod with the rebuildable section. Such good flavour! My favourite juices are definitely loaded lemon custard by Riot squad and Butter 03 by Supergood. Both work great in my DotAIO! My hobbies consist of becoming my spirit animal during the summer, which is a lobster, and taking pictures! I’d have to say my favourite food has got to be pizza. I love pizza with pretty much anything apart from pineapple, pineapple on pizza is literally the worst decision a person could make.”



“Hi, my name is Kellen! I’m the store manager for the Bay shop. I’ve been working for BEAUM for nearly 2 years now and have loved every minute of it! My favourite vape has to be the DotAIO by Dotmod. My favourite juice is Truth or Pear by Six Licks. I spent most of my spare time on my PC playing Rocket League and Football Manager. I’m an avid supporter of football, and I also play in the BEAUM FC 5 aside team. My favourite food of all time has got to be pizza with anything on it, apart from pineapple. Pineapple on pizza is the WORST!”



“Hi! I’m Dom, I’ve been working at BEAUM for over a year now and have loved every second of it! I currently run the website and social media for BEAUM, but you’ll sometimes see my face pop up on the shop floor from time to time. My favourite device at the moment is the Target PM80 By Vaporesso, or as I like to call it, the flavour train! The best juice I’ve ever had is Slow Blow by Nasty Juice, a sweet pineapple limeade. In my spare time, I mostly play games on my PC, mainly the game Overwatch. My favourite meal, which I make at least twice a week, is spaghetti bolognese. Especially delicious with parmesan cheese!”



“Hey! My name is James and I’m a sales assistant at BEAUM. I’ve been working at BEAUM for over a year, Dave is one of my best mates so working with him is a blast! The best tank I’ve ever used is the Innokin Zenith D22 tank with the 1.6Ω coils. You get such great flavour off it! The best juices I’ve tried are Strawberry delight by Cotswold and Beaum Custard 50/50 in a 12mg. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf and practising my swing! My favourite meal has got to be pancakes with all the trimmings!”



“Hi, my name is Abdo! I’m a sales assistant in both stores at BEAUM. I’ve been here for roughly 11 months, and every day is a new adventure! My favourite vape has got to be the DotAIO by Dotmod. The best juice I’ve ever had is the BEAUM Spiced Custard. In my spare time, I love to play games on my PC such as League of Legends and Runescape. I would say my favourite type of food is seafood. I like it all too much to pinpoint a specific meal!”



“Hi! My name is Ryan! I’m a sales assistant at the bay store. I’ve been working for BEAUM for about 11 months. My favourite device has got to be the DotAIO by Dotmod. The best juice and only juice I use at the moment is Truth or Pear by Six Licks. I’m a musician at heart, so I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. When it comes to my favourite food I’d have to say… all of it. I wouldn’t say no if I was offered food of any sorts!”